Troubleshooting Guide: Lamps

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Why isn't the lamp curing my gel polish?

There are several different reasons why your gel may not be curing properly.
1. Cure times may need to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the coats applied, and the lamp wattage.
2.  The lamp bulbs may be running low - they are required to be replaced after a certain amount of hours.
3. Be sure to check your mode.
The lamp has two modes:
1. Builder Gel or Low Heat Mode
2. High Power Normal Gel Curing.
Click on the mode, and then the timer of your choice to begin.

My gel polish is peeling! My lamp is defective.

There are many reasons why your gel polish may be peeling; however if you are curing long enough with fresh bulbs then the cause may not necessarily be the lamp.
It is most commonly occurring with prep and finish:
1.  Cuticle may not be pushed back fully and correctly.  The layers of cuticle skin that can get left on the nail plate are highly water absorbent - this means any bits of cuticle left underneath the polish will take on water and expand, causing the polish to lift or peel.
2. You are not filing the free edge. Oils can accumulate on the free edge of the nail, so the edges need to be filed and cleaned before you begin your gel manicure.
3. Coats are being applied too thickly.  This applies to base coat and top coat, as well as the colour.  When you cure gel polish, only the very top layer absorbs all the light.  This means that if the coat is too thich, the underneath layers will remain soft which will result in peeling.

How do I clean my lamp?

The lamp can be wiped down with alcohol to keep it sanitary in between uses.
The lamp shells itself are acetone resistant; however, cleaning with acetone will wear away from the coloring of the shell and is not recommended.

My lamp isn't charging anymore

For all lamps we recommend charging it for the 3-4 hours as recommended to obtain a full charge. After 3-4 hours please take it off the charger to preserve the integrity of the battery. We do not recommend overnight charging. When the Lamp is plugged in and charging, the lights will blink. When it's fully charged, it won't blink and will still show the solid line across.
If it is a manufacturer defect - we will replace the Lamp for you as long as it falls within our warranty terms. If it does not fall within the warranty we are more than happy to offer you a new battery.

Why is my lamp beeping?

The lamp has a timer according to the 30s 60s and 90s modes. It beeps when the lamp turns on and the timer starts and again when it stops.
Why does this happen?  Because typically, the lamp is facing the customer during use.  This way, the technician can note the lamp has finished curing.

My cord isn't working - may I purchase a new one?

Of course! We are more than happy to offer you a new cord. Please contact us at and indicate which cord you would like to purchase.

What is the tray used for? How do I remove it?

The tray is used for easy use for gel curing on your feet (pedicures!)
You can remove the tray but simply pulling it out and sliding it back in.
Note: some versions do not have a removable tray.

Can I purchase an extra tray?

We will have this available soon! In the meantime you may reach out to us at if you would like to purchase any of the below:
Lamp trays
Lamp Batteries
Acrylic Stands (for Model XS)

Jun 22, 2021

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