LED PRO Wireless Lamp

The LED PRO Wireless Lamp is our latest addition to our selection of lamps! Our LED Lamp offers faster curing and it also comes in 2 colors - Teal and Rose Gold! Perfect to match with your Model XS 2.0 E-Files!

Not only that, but it also comes with a built-in handle that makes it easy for you to just scoop it up and move it as needed. The buttons are also now on top where you can easily adjust the settings, giving it a fresher and newer look!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's inside?

The box comes sealed in plastic to avoid being tampered with before it is delivered. There is a plastic film on the removable tray only (it is a blue colored plastic sticker). The lamp itself comes in a soft mesh cover also to avoid any scratches. The charger is in a small box underneath the lamp. It also comes with instructions, and also a warranty card. It also has a removable metal magnetic tray just like the Hybrid PRO Lamp and two prongs that may be folded out to raise the lamp off the ground. This feature is generally used for pedicures.

How does the LED PRO Wireless Lamp work?

It has three settings: 30s, 60s, 90s, Low Heat Mode (For builder gel heat, please take note that heat spikes is 99s). The buttons are all touch buttons like the Phantom Pro Dust Collector except for the on/off switch. If you select the low heat mode, in order to go back to the regular heat mode, you have to switch it off then back on and it will reset. Otherwise it stays in the low heat mode 99s setting. The lights inside are both on top and also on the side to ensure 5 finger curing on all sides. It has two smart sensors on each side to automatically start and stop the curing.

Note: The timer sound cannot be removed or muted.

Can I use my lamp while charging?

Yes, the lamp may be used while plugged in.
Indicator 1: Flash 3 bars: 20%
Power Indicator 2: Flash 2 bars: 30%
Power Indicator 3: Flash 1 bar: 60%
3 FULL Bars = Full power

How long should I charge my LED PRO Wireless Lamp?

It's best to connect the lamp to a charger when the battery is lower than 20%, the battery power will flicker and it means it's critically low and will not work.It will take 4 hours for the battery to be fully charged from 0 to full power. Similar to the other lamps that we have, unplug the charger once it is fully charged and do not leave overnight to not compromise the lifetime of the battery. The battery lifetime is 3 hours on continuous use.

What is the difference between the LED PRO Wireless lamp and Hybrid PRO Wireless lamp?

Unlike the Hybrid Pro Wireless Lamp which is UV/LED, the LED PRO Wireless Lamp is LED only. While LED can cure faster, they can both be used to cure gel products interchangeably.

Why is the logo not lighting up?

The iGel Beauty logo for the LED Pro Wireless lamp does not light up compared to our previous lamps as it is simply painted on the shell in the color of the lamp (for example: Teal lamp would have the lettering also in Teal).

Is your lamp acetone proof?

Yes, the shell of the lamp is acetone proof! This was tested by our product experts and the soft covering of the shell did not tarnish and you can wipe it off with ease.

How long is the warranty for the LED PRO Wireless Lamp?

There is a 30 days limited warranty for manufacturing defects.

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Apr 3, 2024

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