Hybrid LITE Wireless Rechargeable UV/LED Lamp

The latest lamp has arrived! Introducing our newest wireless, rechargeable, and affordable lamp, now available on our website!

The Hybrid LITE Lamp is our newest addition to our lamps that is bringing back the built-in hidden handle for better mobility! The battery power indicator and LCD timer buttons are at front view for easy access and convenience. Battery life also lasts for 2.5 hours with continuous use. With a removable tray perfect for pedicure and of course, an acetone resistance body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the cure time settings for this lamp?

The Hybrid Lite has a pre-set cure time of: 30s, 60s, and 90s.

  • My Hybrid LITE Lamp came with no seal. I ordered a new one, can you send me a sealed lamp instead

We apologize if this has caused you to worry but rest assured the product you received is brand new and unused! Our Fulfillment Team has confirmed that our Hybrid LITE Lamp is packed securely in a box with no plastic or seal. The contents of the box should be as follows:
1 Hybrid LITE Rechargeable Lamp
1 DC Adapter (DC15V 3A)
1 User's Manual
1 Warranty Card

  • Why does the power button look uneven like this? Is this defective?

The item you received is not defective at all! Our Hybrid PRO and Hybrid lite switches all look like this. The design is intentional because the body of the lamp is curved and the switch can not curve with the body of the lamp. Please rest assured that this is common in curved or round devices.

  • I don't understand how the sensors work! Does it only start when pressed manually? Please help!

When you press manually on a cure time (for instance, 30) the timer will start counting down from 30. Pressing the button again will reset it to 00. The same applies for both 60s and 99s. Pressing the cure time button once will start the timer from counting down (60 downwards or 99 downwards) and pressing the button again will reset the time to 00. On the contrary, if you did not press any button and instead you went ahead and placed your hand inside the lamp, this time the timer will then begin counting from 0 upwards and will keep counting as long as your hand is placed inside the lamp. The moment you pull your hand out of the device, the timer will stop and will reset the count to 00.

  • Is there a low heat or high heat mode for this lamp?

The Hybrid Lite Lamp has 4 press click buttons. The first one is the battery indicator button, and the other 3 are the timers. There are no low heat or high heat modes on this lamp.

To top it all off, this product is gonna be real LITE on your wallets too! Head on over to our website to purchase the Hybrid LITE Lamp!

Note: Hybrid Lite and Hybrid Pro lamps have 2 different chargers and cannot be used interchangeably.

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Apr 3, 2024

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