Troubleshooting Guide: e-Files

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My drill keeps adjusting its speed - is this normal?

This is completely normal! When your e-File is in use, the drill has a natural torque adjustment when pressure is applied to maintain RPM's.  The revving up and down is the torque adjusting to the speed which happens when you apply pressure from the drill bit to the nail/surface.

My handle is getting so hot!

It's completely normal to get hot after a few minutes of use as there is a working motor that spins inside, however it should not get too hot to use.
If you feel that the drill is producing too much heat for you to be able to use it, fortunately your product is covered by a manufacturing warranty!

My Drill Bits keep moving around

If your drill bits area moving around, your handpiece is not fully locked in place.
There are 3 area's which need to be tightened.  Please make sure you are twisting the components correctly to lock in the drill bit - you should not be turning the entire drill.
When turning the handpiece to lock in or to take out the drill bit, you will need to twist it until it "clicks" as this is the drill bit locking mechanism.
Make sure to match up the lock arrow securely before turning on the drill.

The battery isn't charged yet, can I use the e-File while it's charging?

Yes! It can be used both off (wirelessly) and on the power cord

How do you take out the dummy drill bit?

Twist the middle of the handpiece left where the arrow meets the unlock symbol. This action will remove the secure lock on the drill bit and allow the bit to slide out of the shaft easily.

What speed should I use my e-File in?

The speed varies due to engagement with natural nails directly on the nail bed or filling down an acrylic.
While the eFile is aimed towards professional use, it can be used by all skill levels.
We recommend a lower setting for natural nails and working your way up based on what your purpose is and what drill bit you are using.

What size drill bit can I use?

3/32 is the standard sizing that we are compatible with, but it’ll fit most others as well!

The e-File is still not spinning even though it's powered on

Be sure to show the efile is in either Forward or Reverse. If you are in the neutral setting it will not spin.

How do I re-insert the drill bit and lock it in?

1. Make sure the efile is switched off and does not currently have a drill bit locked in.
2. Add the drill bit to the top of the handpiece, leaving a small amount of room between the bottom of the bit and the barrel so that it does not rub against the efile when powered on.
3. Twist the center of the handpiece towards the right where the lock should meet the arrow; however, listen for a “double click.” This shows it is securely locked and will prevent the drill bit from sliding in and out with a slight pull or on it’s own.

My drill bit won't lock into place.  The middle of the handpiece keeps spinning and doesn't stop or lock.
The metal BB balls that control the locking mechanism of the drill have become dislodged.  This needs to be returned to us to be adjusted.
I dropped my e-File and now the drill bit is stuck inside.  How can I remove this?
1\. Ensure the efile is powered off\.
2\. Remove the tip of the handpiece to loosen the confinement of the efile\.
3\. Unlock the handpiece, but do not dismantle it\.  This should allow the drill bit to be released\.
If it does not, please initiate a repair and prepare the efile to be returned and adjusted.  Physical damage may have caused a piece of the handpiece to be bent.  It is recommended to have a qualified technician restore this to manufactured settings. 
My drill bit won't lock into place.  It slides in and out even when I twist it to lock and clear a click.
You may have only heard one clicking sound, you can twist it slightly further towards the right to listen for the double click. This will allow the efile to secure the drill bit into place.
Jun 22, 2021

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