Troubleshooting Guide: E-Files

Say goodbye to sore fingers and tired wrists. E-Files are a definite game changer. An electronic file is an automatic buffing machine used for prepping, shaping, smoothening, cleaning, and so much more! Hand piece on hand, the E-File is an essential modern tool for speedy nail sessions. Not only does it increase work pace by ten-fold, but it also lessens hand fatigability, and helps avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, joint pain, and other nerve, joint, and tendon conditions from repetitive hand movement. You no longer have to worry about sore fingers and tired wrists from long hours of manually buffing your nails back and forth! Simply turn on the machine, set it on the lowest level, and work your way up to get into a comfortable level.

The usage of an e-file is pretty simple. Do not be overwhelmed by its machinery. The secret of its multipurpose function is in its Drill Bits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use an E-File?
  1. Ensure that your E-File is sufficiently charged. If not, you may plug it into the power adapter.
  2. Switch on your E-File and set it to the lowest setting. Get comfortable, gradually increase your speed and adjust to your liking.
  3. Buff, file, or shape your nails.
How do I clean my E-File?

You may clean your E-file with our UV Sterilization Box with Smartphone Wireless Charging. Take caution not to use anything that would harm your machine. When removing dust, use a clean cloth.

Does the E-file come with Drill Bits?

At the moment, only THE ONE PORTABLE & WIRELESS E-FILE comes with a Starter Drill Bit Set. For other E-Files, the drill bits are sold separately. You may pair it with the 5-in-1 drill bit for multitasking.

What Drill Bit size does your E-File use?

It is compatible with the 3/32" sizing (the standard size).

How long should I charge my E-File?

The charge time from empty to full charge is recommended for 2 hours. Charging overnight or leaving it plugged in for extended periods, may compromise the lifetime of your battery.

Can I use an E-File while charging?

Yes! It can be used both off (wirelessly) and on the power cord.

I lost my charger. How do I purchase a new one?

You may separately purchase a Charger, or email us at to request/order a replacecment charger.

What is the maximum RPM of your E-File?

It depends on the E-File you're using. 30,000 RPM is the standard RPM speed. However, if you are using the Model XS 2.0 E-File or The One Pro Portable & Wireless E-File the maximum is 35,000 RPM.

What is the difference between the Diamond E-File and the Model XS E-File 2.0?

Our Model XS E-Files have three (3) regions, while the Diamond E-Files such as the Diamond Go Wireless and the Diamond Desktop E-File only requires tightening at the center since there is only one (1) compartment for the locking mechanism.

How long is iGel's E-File warranty?

If you are here, you might be having issues with your E-File lately. Do not panic! We are here to help you with this. We have listed some of the most prevalent issues reported with our E-files and their corresponding troubleshooting guides. This will help you diagnose your E-File and hopefully fix the issue before initiating a return and repair service with us.

Troubleshooting Guide for E-Files

My drill keeps adjusting its speed - is this normal?

This is completely normal! When your e-File is in use, the drill has a natural torque adjustment when pressure is applied to maintain RPM's.  The revving up and down is the torque adjusting to the speed which happens when you apply pressure from the drill bit to the nail/surface.

The E-File is still not spinning even though it's powered on

Be sure to show the efile is in either Forward or Reverse. If you are in the neutral setting it will not spin.

My E-File is spinning intermittently

Faulty Wires - We highly recommend preventing the E-File handpiece wire from being positioned in ways where they are bent or crimped — this could happen if a control box is placed too close to a wall or another piece of equipment — then the fibers inside the wire can snap and the connection will be weakened. When this happens, the E-File will not be able to operate at full power. Always make sure cords and cables have a smooth and natural bend and are not crimped.

My handle is getting so hot!

It's completely normal to get hot after a few minutes of use as there is a working motor that spins inside, however it should not get too hot to use. If you feel that the drill is producing too much heat for you to be able to use it, fortunately your product is covered by a manufacturing warranty!

There is a burning sensation on my nail bed when using the drill!

If you are using the drill to remove an acrylic, please be advised that a speed too high may cause friction and a burning sensation. The same goes for when using it on your natural nail bed. A quick google search recommends 5-12 RPM near the cuticle and up to 25 RPM for acrylic or artificial applications. We recommend trying a new drill bit. It could be that the drill bit you are using is old or worn out and needs to be replaced.

My Drill Bits keep moving around

If your drill bits area moving around, your handpiece is not fully locked in place. There are 3 area's which need to be tightened. Please make sure you are twisting the components correctly to lock in the drill bit - you should not be turning the entire drill. When turning the handpiece to lock in or to take out the drill bit, you will need to twist it until it "clicks" as this is the drill bit locking mechanism. Make sure to match up the lock arrow securely before turning on the drill.

How do you take out the dummy drill bit?

Twist the middle of the handpiece left where the arrow meets the unlock symbol. This action will remove the secure lock on the drill bit and allow the bit to slide out of the shaft easily.

What speed should I use my E-File in?

The speed varies due to engagement with natural nails directly on the nail bed or filing down an acrylic. While the eFile is aimed towards professional use, it can be used by all skill levels. We recommend a lower setting for natural nails and working your way up based on what your purpose is and what drill bit you are using.

Why is my E-File making weird sounds?

The sound being produced by the drill is from the working motor inside the handpiece. When the speed increases, the faster the drill bit will spin which then creates this sound. When the drill is in a low RPM and the pressure doesn't match, it may make a strange sound. This possibly indicates the need to adjust the drill speed. However, if in addition the bits are wobbling, it might mean that it was not locked in place or that the drill bit size is incorrect. When this is done repeatedly, your drill may loosen over time. To prevent this, ensure that your E-File is 3/32" and properly locked in place before turning it on.

My drill bit won't lock into place. The middle of the handpiece keeps spinning and doesn't stop or lock.

The metal BB balls that control the locking mechanism of the drill have become dislodged. This needs to be returned to us for adjustment. Kindly contact us to start your repair process.

My E-File is spinning slowly.

This is typically the case when a dummy drill bit is used. We recommend using a standard size drill bit which is 3/32. Please ensure the handpiece is locked properly. Kindly refer to the question below on how to lock it properly.

How do I re-insert the drill bit and lock it in?
  1. Make sure the efile is switched off and does not currently have a drill bit locked in.
  2. Add the drill bit to the top of the handpiece, leaving a small amount of room between the bottom of the bit and the barrel so that it does not rub against the efile when powered on.
  3. Twist the center of the handpiece towards the right where the lock should meet the arrow; however, listen for a “double click.” This shows it is securely locked and will prevent the drill bit from sliding in and out with a slight pull or on it’s own.
I dropped my e-File and now the drill bit is stuck inside.  How can I remove this?
  1. Make sure the efile is turned off.
  2. Remove the drill bit's head to avoid breaking it in half or into pieces.
  3. Unlock but do not disassemble the handpiece. This should free up the remaining drill bit pieces inside.
  4. Place a small tube on top of the handpiece and turn it upside down.
  5. Gently tap on a padded surface until the broken piece comes out or until you can gently remove the piece that is stuck inside.

It is advisable to not use anything to push the broken piece further inside as it will make it more difficult to get out and could cause more damage to the hand piece. Still stuck? No worries, kindly reach out to us and we will help restore your drill to its manufactured settings.

My drill bit won't lock into place. It slides in and out even when I twist it to lock and hear a click.

You may have only heard one clicking sound, you can twist it slightly further towards the right to listen for the double click. This will allow the efile to secure the drill bit into place.

Can't find your issue below? Contact us at to initiate a repair or further troubleshooting for your E-File. Our Repairs Specialist will be with you every step of the way!

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