How do I initiate a repair? What is your repair process?

Hi Beauty! We are constantly updating our FAQ and troubleshooting guide so that the hassle of sending in your product may be prevented. However, if you still cannot resolve your concern or would like to go ahead and initiate a repair, please contact us at with the below information:

1. Order #
2. Name of Product
3. What issue is occurring with your product?

If possible, kindly provide the below supplemental information as it would help us greatly!!
1. Have you gone through the FAQ & Troubleshooting guide? Any comments are appreciated.
2. Include a video of your attempts to use the product safely so that we may see the issue you are encountering and duplicate it on our end for a speedier repair process.

Once your response is received, a representative will reach out to you about your repair process and send you a Repair Authorization Form with return instructions.

Repair Return Procedure:

1. Fill out the Repair Request Form and include it in your return package and send a copy to
2. Once the Repair Request document is received, iGel Beauty will send you a pre-paid return label.
3. All packages must be properly and safely packaged.  iGel Beauty is not responsible for any products damaged or lost during transit.  All returns must be complete including accessories and cables.
4. When the return is received, processing may take up to 10 business days.  We will troubleshoot, investigate, and repair your product.  If it is deemed under warranty, all charges will be covered by iGel Beauty.
5. The results of the Repair will be informed to you. Any applicable charges may be invoiced prior to shipping with a 7-day calendar window allowance.

*By submitting your form and sending your product to iGel Beauty for return, all terms and policies indicated on the form are agreed upon by both parties involved - absolutely no exceptions.

Repair Service Costs:

Please be reminded that these fees include the labor costs of our licensed specialists in inspecting and repairing the product as well as replacing any broken materials with new ones. Additional repair fees may also incur if there are further damages found upon inspection.

All Airbrush - 25$
Airbrush Mini Charger - $10

All Chargers - $15

E-File - Handpiece: $45
E-File - Handpiece Pieces: $25
E-File - Power Unit: $90 (Model XS 1.0), $75 (Diamond)
E-File - Motherboard: $50 (Model XS 1.0)
E-File - Wire: $15

Lamp - Motherboard Replacement: $75
Lamp - Battery Replacement: 45$
Lamp - Light Board Replacement (Per Side Section): $15
Lamp - Light Board Replacement (Top Lights): 45$
Lamp - Switch Replacement: $10
Lamp - Wires: $25
Lamp - Battery $25 (Hybrid Pro 1.0), $35 (Hybrid Pro 2.0)

Lastly, if you do not wish to authorize a repair service, we are happy to let you know that we have refurbished machines/parts that we can offer to you at a lower cost! See the list of available refurbished items here: Refurbished Items

If your machine is under warranty and has been inspected and proven to have a manufacturing defect, all repair fees including the shipping labels will be covered by iGel! Check more information here: Warranty Policy

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