What's your warranty policy?

Hey Beauties! Have you recently bought a technical product from us? 🥰 If so, the warranty will be valid upon the the delivery date. If the iGel technical product was purchased through a third-party supplier, please be sure to hold onto the original copy of the receipt as proof of purchase as this will be requested once you reached out to us regarding your concern.

Below is a record of the manufacturer warranty that comes with each product line.

30 Day Manufacturers Warranty:

Airbrush Systems:

Diamond E-file and Lamp:

Other Technical Products:

60 Day Manufacturers Warranty:

6 Months Manufacturers Warranty:

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty:

The Warranty will NOT cover:
Physical Cosmetic Damages or Mishandling
Adapter or Cord Damage/Replacement
Water/Acetone Damage
Refurbished Items

Please note: The warranty will be voided if the item is disassembled for any reason. No exceptions.

My product is not working and I believe it may be covered under the warranty.

Not to worry! - you may go ahead and initiate a repair process by reaching out through cs@igelbeauty.com or chatting with one of our live chat representatives.

If your product is deemed to be covered under the warranty - the shipping label, repair, and return label fees will be covered by us!  If it is deemed not covered under warranty we will invoice you for the applicable fees prior to shipping the item back.

Mar 8, 2022

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