LED Mini Lamp

The LED Mini lamp is a travel-sized curing device built with all the functions of a regular lamp. It cures your nails using LED light and comes with a standard timer. It's small, portable, easily stored, and can be conveniently used without a cord. Enjoy two continuous hours of rapid-cure light!

We at iGel Beauty love finding new ways to help starting-out nail technicians pack light and affordable products. The LED Mini Lamp is compact and convenient. Take it everywhere, and bring bright smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the LED Mini Lamp?

1. Switch on your lamp.
2. Set your lamp to low power or high power mode.
3. Place your nails inside the lamp. (Pro Tip! Place 4 fingers inside the lamp and cure it separately from your thumb to get all optimal angles.)
4. Cure your nails. You may use the 45 second or 60 second timer.

What is the difference between a regular lamp and the LED Mini Lamp?

The LED Mini lamp is the same as a regular lamp. It's just a cute travel-sized version.
The measurements are as follows:
Length: 5 inches
Width: 2 and 1/2 inches

How do I clean my Lamp?

Take a clean cloth to gently wipe your machine. Keep it away from acetone and other wet surfaces.

Why is my lamp so dim?

This may be due to expired light bulb, as lamp bulbs expire after x amount of hours. If you noticed that your once-reliable lamp shines a little dimmer, check if all the bulbs are working. If your lamp was directly purchased from our website, you may email us to have it repaired or restored.

How do I get my lamp repaired/restored?

If your lamp is from our company, we encourage you to email us via cs@igelbeauty.com to assess and troubleshoot your lamp. Our Repair Service includes a Licensed Technician to investigate, troubleshoot, and fix your product.

Is my lamp still covered by warranty?

You may also check if your product is still covered by our Warranty Policy, by checking your date of purchase and the warranty period. Alternatively, you may check out our Refurbished Products for great deals on lamps.

I lost my warranty card. Is my lamp still covered?

If you have purchased your lamp directly from our website, kindly let us know the email or order number used for the purchase so we may check out database and assist you.

I lost my charger. How do I purchase a new one?

You may purchase a replacement charger by emailing us at cs@igelbeauty.com.

Need a little more light on this situation? Kindly email us at cs@igelbeauty.com for further assistance. Alternatively, you may join our iGel Beauty Facebook Community for more tips, tricks, and nailspiration! We hope to hear from you soon! ♡

Apr 3, 2024

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