Troubleshooting Guide: Lamps

Advanced, affordable, and illuminating! Our Lamps come with all the necessary accessories needed to cure your nails in a flash! Simply select your medium and let the light bring you perfectly cured nails.

Lamps are a necessary tool for curing gel, top coats, Builder in a Bottle, sculpture gel, and other mediums. It enables products to cure, strengthen, and stay put.

We at iGel Beauty believe in the power of high-quality light! They also come in several luxurious colors, such as gold, rose gold, and white. Several are also wireless, rechargeable hybrids that are safe for travel. So order one now and brighten your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a Nail Lamp?

1. Switch on your lamp.
2. Set the timer on your lamp to your desired cure time.
3. Place your nails inside the lamp. (Pro Tip! Place 4 fingers inside the lamp and cure it separately from your thumb to get all optimal angles.)
4. Cure your nails depending on the type of lamp you own, as the time may vary depending on the lamp wattage.

What is the difference between UV, LED, and UV/LED lamps?

It would take a standard of 30 seconds to cure your nails with LED, 60-90 seconds with UV/LED, and 2 minutes with UV. However, time may also vary depending on lamp wattage.

What is the best lamp?

The best lamp would depend on your preference. It would depend on your budget and which lamp you are comfortable with. If you are working with our Pro Gel Nail Tips, we highly recommend the LED PRO Mini Lamp. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty professional-looking lamp, we highly recommend the larger lamps like the Hybrid Pro 2.0 Wireless UV/LED Lamp and the brand-new Hybrid Pro 3.0 Wireless UV/LED Lamp.

How do I clean my lamp?

Take a clean cloth to gently wipe your machine. Please do not use anything that could harm your lamp such as acetone, water, and other solvents. We highly recommend using 70% alcohol only to clean your lamp if necessary.

How do I get my lamp repaired or restored?

If your lamp is from our company, we encourage you to email us via to assess your lamp. Kindly send us a video so we may troubleshoot your product. Our Repair Service includes a Licensed Technician to investigate and restore your product.

Is my lamp still covered by warranty?

You may also check if your product is still covered by our Warranty Policy, by checking your date of purchase and the warranty period. If you are unsure of when it was purchased, you may email us your iGel email account or order number, and we will check our database for you. If your lamp is no longer covered by our warranty policy, don't hesitate to message us to repair your lamp. Our repair services are always open!

I lost my warranty card. Is my lamp still covered?

If you have purchased your lamp directly from our website, kindly let us know the email or order number used for the purchase so we may check our database and assist you.

I lost my charger. How do I purchase a new one?

You may separately purchase a charger, or email us at to request a replacement charger.

What is the tray used for? How do I remove it?

The tray is for easy use of gel curing on your feet (pedicures!) You can remove the tray by simply pulling it out and sliding it back in. Please rest assured the tiny gap between the tray and the lamp itself is perfectly normal! This will not affect the the ability to magnetize properly, and the steel tray can easily be centered. Note: some versions do not have a removable tray.

Can I purchase an extra tray?

We will have this available soon! In the meantime you may reach out to us at if you would like to purchase any of the below:
Lamp trays
Lamp Batteries

Can I use your chargers interchangeably?

All our chargers have labels on it that states which item it belongs to. It also has a warning that if the lamp is used with a different charger, this voids the warranty. Please make sure to only use the correct charger that is suitable/compatible to the lamp in order to avoid any complications with your item and voiding of warranty.

Troubleshooting Guide for Lamps

Are you having issues with your lamp lately? Do not panic! We are here to help you with this. We have listed some of the most prevalent issues reported with our lamps and their troubleshooting guides. This will help you diagnose your lamp before initiating a repair service with us.

Why isn't the lamp curing my gel polish?

There are several different reasons why your gel may not be curing properly.
1. Cure times may need to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the coats applied and the lamp wattage.
2. The lamp bulbs may be running low; they are required to be replaced after a certain number of hours.
3. Be sure to check your mode.

The lamp has two modes:
1. Builder Gel or Low Heat Mode
2. High-Power Normal Gel Curing.
Click on the mode and then the timer of your choice to begin.
NOTE: the Hybrid Lite UV/LED Lamp does not have Builder Gel or Low Heat Mode.

My gel polish is peeling! My lamp is defective.

There are many reasons why your gel polish may be peeling; however, if you are curing long enough with fresh bulbs, the cause may not necessarily be the lamp.
It is most commonly occurring with prep and finish:
1.  The cuticle may not be pushed back fully and correctly.  The layers of cuticle skin that can get left on the nail plate are highly water-absorbing; this means any bits of cuticle left underneath the polish will take on water and expand, causing the polish to lift or peel.
2. You are not filing the free edge. Oil can accumulate on the free edge of the nail, so the edges need to be filed and cleaned before you begin your gel manicure.
3. Coats are being applied too thickly.  This applies to the base coat and top coat, as well as the color. When you cure gel polish, only the very top layer absorbs all the light. This means that if the coat is too thick, the underneath layers will remain soft, which will result in peeling.

My lamp isn't charging anymore

For the Hybrid Pro 3.0 Wireless Rechargeable UV/LED Lamp, the ideal charging time is 5 hours to get a full battery. For all other lamps, we recommend charging them for 3–4 hours once the battery level is between 0%-20% to obtain a full charge. Once it has passed the recommended time, please take it off the charger to preserve the integrity of the battery.

We highly advise against charging the lamp overnight. When the lamp is plugged in and charging the battery indicator will blink. When it's fully charged, it will stop blinking and will show a solid line/battery bar across. If it is a manufacturer defect, we will replace the lamp for you as long as it falls within our warranty terms. If it does not fall within the warranty, we are more than happy to offer you a new battery.

How do I know when to place it in high-power and low-power modes?

The low-power mode is meant to be used for hard-builder gels. Luckily, iGel Beauty has crafted our Sculpture Gel and Builder in a Bottle as hybrids. Hence, you may use the normal high-power mode with these products, like regular gel.

Why is my lamp beeping?

The lamp has a timer according to the 30s, 60s, and 90s modes. It beeps when the lamp turns on and the timer starts, and again when it stops. Why does this happen?  Because, typically, the lamp is facing the customer during use, the technician can note that the lamp has finished curing.

For the Hybrid Pro 3.0 Wireless Rechargeable UV/LED Lamp, you can turn off the beeping sound with the dedicated ON/OFF switch next to the power switch.

What batteries do you use for your lamps?

Our lamps come with lithium-ion batteries, which are similar to the ones used for phones. It is recommended to charge your lamps to 80% to avoid wearing out the batteries faster.

Why is my lamp so dim?

Bulb Expiration: After a certain number of hours, the bulbs weaken due to expiration. Once you notice that your lamp is dim, check if all the bulbs are working. If your lamp was directly purchased from our website, you may email us to have it repaired or restored. Alternatively, you may check out our Refurbished Products for great deals on lamps.

Burnt Bulbs: Over time, the light bulbs may slowly go out. While the frequency of usage plays a part in this, one of the main causes of bulbs burning out is acetone damage! Acetone can leak into the LED lights when cleaning the lamp from the inside/bottom. We highly advise being extra careful when cleaning this area and using 70% alcohol only. Always make sure, as well, that you are using the correct charger every time you charge your devices.

My Hybrid Pro lamp had scratches upon receipt. Is this normal?

There should be a thin plastic film on top of the lamp as a protective film to avoid scratches on the body casing during transit; it may be very thin and difficult to lift up. We recommend that this be carefully removed from the edge where the gap is visible.

My lamp's hand detection is malfunctioning. What should I do?

There are several reasons why your lamp is not detecting your hand or your client's hand when inserted. First, your lamp might have a low battery and need to be charged. Make sure your battery is charged sufficiently and that the correct charger is used upon charging. If you are using an incorrect charger, this could also be one of the reasons why the lamp is malfunctioning generally. Second, the hand might not be placed correctly. It is important that the hand be placed inside the lamp on a flat surface.

Can't find your issue below? Contact us at to initiate a repair or further troubleshooting for your lamp. Our Repair Specialist will be with you every step of the way. We also have our iGel Beauty Facebook Community for more tips, tricks, and nailspiration as we hope to bring you bright smiles and love. ♡

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