Diamond E-File

Tired of manually going back and forth with a manual file? Drill it with our Diamond Desktop E-File and Diamond Wireless Go E-File! The use of manual E-files is innovative. This automatic buffing tool hastens the process of prepping, shaping, smoothing, cleaning, and so much more! Simply turn on the machine, set it to the lowest level, and work your way up to a comfortable level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a Diamond E-File?
  1. Ensure that your E-File is sufficiently charged. If not, you may plug it into the power adapter.
  2. Switch on your E-File and set it to the lowest setting. Get comfortable, gradually increase your speed and adjust to your liking.
  3. Buff, file, or shape your nails.
How do I use the foot pedal on the Diamond Desktop E-file?

To use the E-file with or without foot pedal the power button must always be switched/turned on. To use the E-file with the foot pedal:

  1. Make sure it is plugged in along with power cord and motor/hand-piece cord.
  2. Switch E- file on and adjust speed (once speed is adjusted past '0' E-file will turn on/start spinning to show speed).
  3. Next, press on foot pedal and E-file will stop spinning/turn off but actually this is activating foot pedal usage.
  4. Press on foot pedal again and you will see E-file start spinning/turn on again (foot pedal now active).
  5. To use the reverse and forward option with or without foot pedal you simply must press the button between ‘F’ and ‘R’ label below speed knob. Each time this button is pressed it will switch from forward to reverse and vice versa. When in forward the E-file light indicator will turn green and when in reverse the light indicator will turn blue.
How do I clean my Diamond E-File?

You may clean your E-file with our UV Sterilization Box with Smartphone Wireless Charging. Take caution not to use anything that would harm your machine. When removing dust, use a clean cloth.

Why is my Diamond E-File making weird sounds?

When the drill is in a low RPM and the pressure doesn't match, it may make a strange sound. This possibly indicates the need to adjust the drill speed. However, if in addition the bits are wobbling, it might mean that it was not locked in place or that the drill bit size is incorrect. When this is done repeatedly, your drill may loosen over time. To prevent this, ensure that your E-File is 3/32" and properly locked in place before turning it on.

Does the Diamond E-file come with Drill Bits?

The drill bits are sold separately. You may pair it with the 5-in-1 drill bit for multitasking.

What Drill Bit size does the Diamond E-File use?

It is compatible with the 3/32" sizing (the standard size).

Why won't my drill bit lock into place? It slides in and out even when I twist it to lock.

Kindly make sure that your E-file makes two clicking sounds as you twist it further towards the right.

Why isn't my E-File spinning even though it's powered on?

This often occurs when your E-file is in neutral. It should either be in Forward or Reverse to move.

How long should I charge my E-File?

The charge time from empty to full charge is recommended for 2 hours. Charging overnight or leaving it leaving it plugged in for extended periods, may compromise the lifetime of your battery.

I lost my charger. How do I purchase a new one?

You may separately purchase a Charger, or email us at cs@igelbeauty.com to request/order a replacement charger.

What is the maximum RPM of the Diamond Desktop E-File?

The maximum RPM of a Diamond Desktop E-File is 30,000.

How long is the warranty for the Diamond Desktop E-File?

There are 30 days of manufacturing warranty. The product warranty will start on the day item is received.

Do I need to use the Diamond Desktop E-File foot pedal or is it optional?

The foot pedal is optional.

What is the difference between the Diamond Desktop E-File and the Diamond Wireless Go E-File?

The Diamond Desktop E-File is wired and needs to be plugged to electric socket at all times unlike Diamond Wireless this can be used wirelessly after charging.

How will I know the current setting I'm using on my Desktop E-File?

Forward will show a green indicator, while reverse will show a blue indicator.

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May 6, 2024

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