My package says delivered, but I didn't receive it.

We're so sorry to hear that you have not received your order yet.  There are times that the courier marks the tracking as delivered but it doesn't get dropped off until the next day or so.

In the meantime, we recommend that you check in with your neighbors and other members of your household in case it was left with them as we find that most items that were deemed as lost are found this way.  You may also check in with your local post office and ask to speak directly to the delivery courier to inquire about your package.

iGel Beauty is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Did you purchase iGuard Package Protection?

Not to worry as your package is covered from damage, loss, and theft.

In the unfortunate case that your order never comes or is broken upon arrival, you can easily receive a reimbursement or reshipment directly through iGel Beauty.
Yes - this means you will no longer have to file a claim through the shipping insurance company - we'll handle the logistics. You will receive immediate resolution directly from iGel Beauty - hassle free!
For the low cost of 98 cents for orders below $100, and 2% of your order for orders above, you can insure your ENTIRE order!

Please note that these costs above must be paid in full for the Package Protection to be authorized. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost for your order, please contact us at

How do I proceed with my iGuard Package Protection?

A package is considered lost when your tracking has been stuck for 10 business days (domestic) or 20 business days (international).  Additional days may be required due to peak times or delayed announced by the courier.  A reshipment of your order will be placed if the terms permit.

A package is considered stolen if your tracking is marked delivered, but has not been received after 3 business days and is unable to be located after speaking to your neighbors and your local post office.  If this is the case, please file a police report - in most counties this is easily done online.  Once you submit a screenshot of the police report to us, we will immediately reship your order! No more waiting for a resolution by the insurance company - leave all of that up to us!

For more information about iGuard Package Protection, please see our FAQ

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