Shipping Boxes: Sizes and Measurements

Ever wondered about the boxes that we use to ship out your orders? Wonder no more as we have listed it for you! To get a better idea of which boxes are used for the items you purchased and the shipping method selected, kindly refer below to each box’s dimension.

Note: Kindly bear in mind that the shipping method suggested upon checking out is calculated based on the weight, dimension of the package, and location of final delivery. All shipping rates are provided by the respective couriers.


Priority Mail Box 4

Small Cubed Box
Size: 7 - 1/4"(L) x 7 - 1/4"(W) x 6 -1/2(H)

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box - A1

Small Rectangular Box
Size: 10 - 1/8"(L) x 7 - 1/8"(W) x 5"(H)

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box - B1

Medium Rectangular Box
Size: 12 - 1/4"(L) x 10 - 1/2"(W) x 5 -1/2"(H)

Priority Mail Box - 7

Large Box
Size: 12 - 1/4"(L) x 12"(W) x 8 - 1/2"(H)

Priority Mail Box - 1095

Slim Box 1
Size: 15"(L) x 12"(W) x 3 -1/8"(H)

Priority Mail Regional Rate Box - B2

Slim Box 2
Size: 15"(L) x 12"(W) x 3"(H)


USPS First Class

Size: 6"(L) x 6"(W) 4"(H)


iGel Beauty Logo Box Size: 21 - 3/4"(L) x 13"(W) x 10 - 1/4"(H)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got some questions about your package? Check out the FAQs below for more information!

Why did the mailman charge me for shipping again when I received my package? I already paid for it when I placed my order on your website.

There are times, although rarely, when the USPS Postman will be asking you to pay for the shipping of your package before handing it over to you. They will present you a receipt with a price and a note that you are charged for the postage due. Postage dues are when a package’s weight or dimension does not match the weight that was actually paid for via the shipping label and thus the shipping fee is incorrect. The original process for the calculation of shipping charges is for USPS to charge iGel Beauty's account for any extra fees and to successfully deliver the package to the customer.

What do I do when I am charged with a postage fee? Will you refund me for it?

Should you be charged with a postage fee, kindly make sure to let us know what happened and send us a copy of the receipt at We will be investigating the matter and will happily assist you!

My package appears to be mishandled and the box seems to be tampered with. Although I checked my items and everything seems to be okay inside.

As we try our best to provide exceptional service, some factors like shipping and handling are outside of our control, and issues like this can happen. Like any courier service, such issues during transit are sadly inevitable. Should this happen to you, kindly make sure to take photos of your package upon receiving it and feel free to reach out to us!

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I ordered a Collection/Bundle and I only received half of my order! Where’s the rest?

Fret not, Beauty! For huge orders such as a Professional Collection or a Salon Bundle, the entire package would be more than just one box. The number of boxes will depend on your order but a Special Sale Bundle usually consists of 4 to 5 boxes with the iGel Beauty Logo pictured above. Having said that, there are certain instances where not all boxes are delivered at the same time. Rest assured, that this does not mean your package is lost/missing! We would advise to wait for a few more days as FedEx normally takes some time to deliver the rest of the boxes to you.

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