Phantom Pro Dust Collector

Achoo! Dust off all your worries with our Phantom Pro Dust Collector. Keep your collection neat and completely tidy with this one-click machine!

Nail dust collectors are an essential addition to anyone's safe space. When buffing or filing nails, particles of dust, chemicals, and sometimes even fungal spores from places like toenails are released into the air. These float around the room like a noxious cloud, and sets on every surface. This affects everyone in the proximity. Imagine breathing these in on the regular!

The dust collector takes in these hazardous particles and traps them in a filter. Say goodbye to teary eyes and dip flu. This machine creates a clean and safe working environment for you and your clients.

We at iGel Beauty greatly care about you and your health! The Phantom Pro Dust Collector is one of many tools we offer to help better the safety of your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Phantom Pro Dust Collector?
  1. If your Phantom Pro Dust Collector isn't charged, plug it into the nearest socket.
  2. Switch on your machine. The blue LED lights will indicate that it's on.
  3. Ensure that the filter is properly 'clicked' into place.
  4. Select one of the three power suction settings: Low, Medium, or Max.
  5. Wait for the machine to finish dusting off.
Do I need to clean my Phantom Pro Dust Collector?

Yes, cleaning your Phantom Pro Dust Collector is necessary to maintain your machine.

  1. Switch off the Phantom Pro Dust Collector, or simply pull the filter out. This would automatically trigger our safety feature and disable the internal fan from further movement.
  2. Pull out the tray and discard any dust particles. Do not get the filter wet. We suggest using a hair dryer to blow out the dust particles on cool.
  3. You may also tap lightly to remove any larger dust particles and reinsert into the chamber as needed.
  4. Removable trays can be cleaned after each use to extend the usage, however we highly recommend purchasing replacement filters.
What is the size of the filter?

Our filters are 6 1/8 inches x 8 1/8 inches.

How long can I use the Phantom Pro Dust Collector?

You may use your Phantom Pro Dust Collector for 3 hours of continuous use!

When do I change my Phantom Pro Dust Collector Filter?

The Dust Collector Filter should be changed approximately every 3-4 months.

Should the blue lights stay on?

Yes, the blue light indicates that your dust collector is fully functional.

My dust collector is on but the fan inside is not working! What should I do?

Kindly push the filter in hard. Once you hear it click, push it in again. The filter might not be in its proper place. It will not start if the filter is not set in.

Help! My dust collector has a very faint sound. Is this a sign that it's malfunctioning?

There are instances where it will sound weaker due to the filter that has not yet been change. Please make sure to replace it with a new one. Do also take note that on high setting, the dust collector will typically sound a lot less weaker than on other settings because it is trying to prevent overheating.

 How long does the warranty last?

The warranty lasts as long as six (6) months. For further assessment, kindly email our customer service at

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