Pro Gel System

Ever dream of natural, beautiful, and long-lasting nails? Look no further, the Pro Gel System is here! Pro Gel Tips are strong, lightweight, full-coverage tips you could use for any occasion.

Shapes and Sizes:
Pro Gel Tips - PGT01 Long Coffin
Pro Gel Tips - PGT02 Medium Coffin
Pro Gel Tips - PGT03 Medium Square
Pro Gel Tips - PGT04 Medium Stiletto
Pro Gel Tips - PGT05 Medium Almond
Pro Gel Tips - PGT06 Short Square
Pro Gel Tips - PGT08 Short Stiletto
Pro Gel Tips - PGT09 Short Almond

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Pro Gel Base?
  1. Prep your nails: push back cuticle, trim cuticle, buff, and file as needed.
  2. Wipe with alcohol.
  3. Measure the your Pro Gel Tips to your appropriate nail size.
  4. Etch the Pro Gel Tip with a hand or E-File.
  5. Apply pH Bonder and Ultimate Bond Primer.
  6. Apply Pro Gel Base & your Pro Gel Tips.
  7. Apply light pressure from the cuticle to tip, then flash cure for 10-15 seconds using your Mini LED Pro Lamp. Be sure to cure both sides of the nail bed as well as the front facing direction to allow all sides to securely set.
  8. You may gently buff and file the nails to your liking or leave them as is.
  9. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the nails.
  10. Apply your chosen nail medium and cure.
How do I remove the Pro Gel Base?
  1. Buff off the shiny layer.
  2. Soak your nails in acetone for 5-20 minutes, depending on how thick the remaining medium is.
  3. Gently scrape off the remaining nail medium once it's soft enough.  If it won't come off, re-soak them for another 5 minutes.
How does the Pro Gel System differ from regular tips?

The Pro Gel System is specifically made for Pro Gel Tips. It is designed as a lightweight but strong system that could last as long as three weeks! You may also prepare your tips ahead and use them as a Press On nails. Simply design your tips and apply your Pro Gel Base when you wish.

Is Pro Gel Base HEMA-free?

There are trace amounts of HEMA for adhesion. However, since only a small amount of HEMA is needed for the Pro gel System, it isn't detrimental to your health unless you are allergic to it or inhale it in large amounts (like any other gas). In other words, it's safe.

What is the best nail shape?

It depends on your preference and personality! Would you like to achieve longer or more slender nails or a unique look? Here are 8 Popular Nail Shapes & How to Achieve Them. Luckily, our Pro Gel Tips already come pre-shaped and ready to go! Simply choose a shape and apply. ♡

Can I use Pro Gel Tips as semi-coverage or non-full-coverage tips?

The Pro Gel Tips are meant to be used as full coverage tips with medium overlay (e.g. Gel, Powder, Builder in a Bottle, Sculpture, etc.). For semi-coverage tips, we highly recommend using our Nail Tip Glue - Super Adhesive with our Universal Nail Tips instead.

What is the measurement for Pro Gel Tips- PGT09 Short Almond?

Size 0 - 35.59 mm
Size 1 - 34.78 mm
Size 2 - 34.70 mm
Size 3 - 34.57 mm
Size 4 - 33.70 mm
Size 5 - 33.19 mm
Size 6 - 32.80 mm
Size 7 - 31.92 mm
Size 8 - 31.24 mm
Size 9 - 30.50 mm

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Sep 17, 2023

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