Kolinsky Brushes

An iGel Beauty Kolinsky brush is a smooth, authentic, high-quality brush straight from the Kolinsky Factory. They appear more condensed in comparison to a regular brush. With a sleek Blackwood handle and luxurious bristles that fit all your nail beauty needs, what more could you want from a brush? So say goodbye to synthetic brushes, and get yourself the premium-grade brush that you deserve!

Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #8
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #10
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #12
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #14
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #16
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #18
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #20
Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #22

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my brush?
  1. Pour monomer into a small dish.
  2. Take your Kolinsky brush and dab it into the dish to remove the acrylic. (Pro Tip! You may use the monomer to reshape the bristles).
  3. Once free from acrylic, you may reshape your bristles by either gently pressing the bristles with your thumb and index finger (you may wear gloves if you like) or pressing it down over a clean lint-free wipe.

Pro Tip! During acrylic application, make sure to dip your brush in monomer in between daps. Rinse depending on how quickly your acrylic or polish becomes an undesirable texture.

What do I do if acrylic has dried in my brush?

This often happens when the bead is pushed in, left to sit in the brush, or if your brush was not dipped in the monomer for every bead dapping (which may cause build-up in the brush).

Begin by determining where and how much the buildup is. If the texture of the brush is gummy and not quite hard yet, you may try taking a wooden cuticle pusher, and gently scrape the acrylic. However, if the buildup is rock-hard and set, use acetone as a last resort. Pour the acetone into a small dish and dip the bristles in for 30 seconds. Afterward, gently scrape off the acrylic. Do not place your brush all the way to the bottom, as it may deform your brush or damage the handle or attachment area. Mildly soak and keep it afloat. After scraping and dipping it in the acetone, lightly pat and twirl the brush dry over a lint-free wipe. If the acrylic is still hard, try repeating the process. However, take note that acetone is a harsh chemical that may alter the smoothness of your bristles.

Do I need to pinch my Kolinsky Brush?

Depending on your preference, you may choose to pinch your Kolinsky Brush or leave it be. When pinched, the bristles are more "fanned out", creating a less-pointed end for your bead.

How do I press/pinch my Kolinsky Brush?

Press Method. A soft pinch.

  1. To remove the bubbles in your bristles, dip, press, and soak its bristles in monomer.
  2. Afterward, remove the liquid by gently brushing it on a lint-free napkin.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 twice, making sure to maintain its beautiful shape.

Pinch Method with Pliers. For those that like a stronger pinch!

  1. Saturate the brush by soaking it in monomer to get the exact shape you would like for your bristles.
  2. Take a folded napkin, and wrap it around your kolinsky brush like a tight embrace. Keep it there for step 3.
  3. Using the body of your pliers, carefully pinch down the metal part near the tip of your brush.
  4. Repeat by gently pinching the other side.
  5. You may repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have achieved the perfect even pinch.
  6. Dip your brush in the monomer and shape your brush based on your preference.
  7. Store your brush in an upright position in a dry area 24 hours before use.
What brush size do you recommend for beginners?

For those starting and learning to get comfortable with their brushes, we highly recommend size 8 or 10.

Got more pinching questions? We got you! Kindly message us at cs@igelbeauty.com. Alternatively, you may join our iGel Beauty Facebook Community for more tips, tricks, and inspiration. We'd love to meet you!

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