Dual Brushes

iGel Beauty has a wide range of brushes, such as the Ombré Brush, Silicone Tip Brush, Kolinsky BrushSculpture Gel Brush, Nail Art Line Brush 10mm, and Dust Brushes. A Dual Brush is a combination of two different brushes, making it a dual-purpose brush. Depending on which dual brush you choose, the functionality may vary. This is great if you would like to keep two brushes close to you while working! Say goodbye to constantly changing brushes.

1. Dual Line Brush 10mm/22mm

This is great for making intricately detailed designs such as letting, swirls, and finishing touches.

2. Dual Gel & Pure Kolinsky Brush #2 3D Flower Brush

The Dual Gel Brush is great for thick, even designs such as 3D petals, ribbons, and absolutely anything 3D! On the other side, the Pure Kolinsky Brush #2 may be used for outlining and creating fine details.

3. Dual Oval & Ombré Brush

An Ombré Brush is specialized for blending or feathering the fine line between two different colors. Gently feather the brush to create an ombré effect. An Oval Brush has an oval base instead of the usual round, cylindrical base of most brushes. This makes it easier to pick up powders or acrylics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know if my Dual Brush is closed properly?

Inside the cap of the Dual Brushes, there is a grip that securely closes your product. If absent or removed, the cap will slide off of the brush.

What can damage the bristles of my brush?
  1. Improper Brush Cleaning
    Since acetone is a harsh chemical, it may damage your brush's bristles. To avoid fraying, pour monomer into a small dish and rinse your brush to avoid hardening. Rinse depending on how quickly your acylic or polish becomes an undesireable texture. (Pro Tip! You may use the monomer to reshape the bristles)

  2. Improper Brush Storage
    After cleaning your brush, take a brush roll up or clean dry cloth and envelop your brushes lying down. This will keep your brushes from dust accumulation. We do not recommend storing the brushes facing up, because the monomer may run down and damage the base of your brush.

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Sep 15, 2023

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