Liquid Monomer

Our Liquid Monomer EMA is a safe, slow-setting solution, compatible with any powder. Pair it with a highly pigmented powder like our own, and it is a match made in heaven! Say goodbye to incompatibility: No more marbling, yellowing, and drying too fast. Simply dip your favorite Kolinsky Brush in our monomer and powder to get a luxurious, buttery acrylic bead!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the monomer?

1. Pour our monomer and your preferred powder in separate small dishes to avoid contamination.
2.Take your favorite soft-bristled Kolinsky Brush, and soak your brush to release all the air bubbles. Then, gently swipe the side of your brush at the side of your dish. Ideally, your brush should be damp (not too wet nor dry).
3. Dip your brush into your powder dish at an angle to make a bead.
4. Apply the bead onto your nail near the cuticle, and evenly dap it on your nail.
5. Air-dry your nail. After ten minutes, you may try tapping your nail to check. It would make a satisfying click.

What is a slow setting monomer?

A slow setting monomer allows highly pigmented powders to set before drying. As such, it prevents discoloration (yellowing) and uneven pigments (marbling). Slowly but surely, compatibility at its finest!

How long does it take to dry?

It takes two minutes to air dry a slow-setting monomer.

Could I still use monomer if I have very sensitive skin?

Yes, definitely! Apply petroleum jelly on the creases of you nails or any dermal area exposed to monomer and enjoy applying the acrylic as normal.

Is the monomer odorless?

All professional acrylic monomers have a mild trace smell because it does not contain MMA. It contains EMA, a healthier option that emits a mild scent to comply with the FDA, and is not chemically harmful to the user..

What is the difference between EMA and MMA?

EMA is the healthier and safer option compared to MMA. It also helps the nail to adhere better to the natural nail bed.

The monomer is leaving a strong smell on my nails, How do I get rid of this?

We highly recommend purchasing our Odor Eliminator. It contains Fragrance/Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool, d-limonene, Ceraniol. It comes a with a fruity peach scent! It comes in a 14 ml bottle. Please be informed that the Odor Eliminators are filled at the same level as the top of the label to avoid any leaking.

Why does my monomer not work with the powders?

Ideal temperature for liquid monomer and powders is 76-77 degrees Fahrenheit (room temperature). If the monomer or powder is too cold, it might cause the mixture to be too runny.

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