Top Coat

Top it off with Top Coat! Tip your hats for that professional appeal. This finishing touch brings you durable protection, because you deserve nails that last.

Types of Top Coat:

  1. Dip & Dap - 4 Top Coat - Dip Powder Method only. Air-dried.
  2. Original Gel Top Coat - Cured, then wiped with alcohol after its final curing.
  3. No Cleanse Gel Top Coat - Cured only.
  4. iGel Matte Top CoatCured only. We highly recommend using the iGel No Cleanse Gel Top Coat with the iGel Matte for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Top Coat?

1. Prep your nails.
2. Apply pH Bonder, Ultimate Bond Primer, and Base Coat.
3. Apply the Top Coat of your choice.
4. If you had used Original, No Cleanse, or Matte Top Coat, cure your nails.
Curing Time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), UV (2 minutes) depending on lamp wattage.

How do I remove Top Coat?

You may use acetone to remove your Top Coat. However, if you have used other mediums (e.g. gel, dip, acrylic, etc.) underneath we highly recommend doing the Soak-Off Method by dipping you nails in acetone for 5-20 minutes. If product remains, resoak your nails for another 5 minutes.

How do I prevent my Top Coat from getting sticky?

There are two common reasons your Top Coat is sticky.

1. The Original Gel Top Coat was not wiped after application. When unwiped or cleansed after application, the layer becomes sticky. If you're looking for a non-wipe Top Coat, we highly recommend the No Cleanse Top Coat.

2. Bulb Expiration.
If you noticed that your once-reliable lamp shines a little dimmer, check if all the bulbs are working as well as lamp bulbs expire after x amount of hours.

Remember to wipe the Original Gel Top Coat with alcohol using a lint-free towel after curing.

How do I prevent my Top Coat from chipping off?

There are four common causes of Top Coat chipping. It may be due to improper prepping, improper curing, uneven layers, or expired light bulbs. We highly recommend thoroughly prepping, applying thin even layers, then flash curing for 5 -15 seconds after applying each layer for a great foundation.

Prepping would consist of buffing the nail before adding a primer, dehydrator, or a gel base coat. Primers or dehydrators prevent any natural oils to last longer on the nails. This is important in order for the gel polish to adhere properly to the nail.

To check if your lamp is fully functional, check if all the bulbs light up. Bulbs expire after x amount of hours, and are recommended to be changed when necessary. Some newer lamps now have two features for UV/LED curing: High Power and Low Power Modes. High Power would be best for gel polish curing, Low power mode would cause the regular gel polish not to cure quickly which may lead to peeling or chipping. Since it emits low heat, it is mainly used with hard gels. Luckily, our Sculpture Gel and Builder in a Bottle are hybrids. Hence, you may use the regular setting.

The surface cracks on my top coat when I use the dip application.

If the powder and base application is too thick, this will prompt the use of a lot of activator which will cause cracking. It is very important to note the amount of coats applied.

My Top Coat is glued shut.

Kindly be reminded as well that storage plays a key role. We recommend to our customers to make sure that gel products are stored in a cool optimal setting and that the bottles are kept clean to avoid gel build up on the neck of the bottles which can cause air to sip and make the top coats dried/gummy or in this case the gel build up could cause for the bottle and the cap to be glued onto each other. In this case, try applying a small amount of cuticle oil to the bottle neck after each use. If stuck, wrap a cloth around the cap and gently twist it open using pliers, taking care not to apply too much force and risk breaking the cap.

My brush is bent! What happened?

Brushing off the excess from the neck of the bottles can contribute to brushes looking a little bent than normal. It is quite normal for the brush to sway and stay that way if it is brushed off in a specific motion. Storage also plays a huge role in maintaining the integrity of gel based products. Some of the other possible causes are: curing product on the brush, and working very near a lamp or by the window. To remedy this, you may dip the brush into boiling water to straighten it. Remember to clean/remove the product off of it first before dipping the brush into the water.

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Apr 5, 2024

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