Nail Transfer Foil

Nail Transfer Foil is a thin shiny holographic sheet that is laid flat over the nail. We have over 90 different variations that may be used as a whole or you may snip the patterns individually. We at iGel Beauty aim to please! Each Nail Foil is of a different variety or color. That way, the Nail Transfer Foil is extremely versatile! Simply place any gel color, cure, add your foil over foil transfer gel, then gently peel nail foil back. The transfer layer will stick onto the gel surface. Top it off with Top Coat, then voila! A Nail Foil Masterpiece.

Make your day beauty-foil with our Nail Transfer Foil!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Apply Nail Transfer Foil?
  1. Apply an even coat of any gel color, then cure.
  2. Place LB Foil Transfer Gel.
  3. Press and rub the foil over the sticky layer. (Pro Tip! Make sure the foil comes into contact with the entire nail surface.)
  4. Gently peel nail foil back.
  5. Place No Cleanse Top Coat.
How do I Remove Nail Transfer Foil?

To begin, place acetone in a small bowl and directly soak your nails inside for 10-15 minutes. If they are still difficult to remove, do not pull or pick them off! Resoak them again. (Pro Tip! If you had used gems or charms that may be damaged by the acetone, you may want to take a cotton bud or q-tip with acetone to safely remove them first.)

Afterward, use Nourish Oil on your natural nails. Then, lightly buff the remains with a light buffer, while avoiding your natural nail.

How do I store my Nail Transfer Foil?

Once finished designing your nail, tuck and roll the foil back into the container.

Is Nail Transfer Foil precut?

No, they come in beautiful rolls for full-on creativity. Simply snip and shape them to the design you prefer.

Can I use Nail Transfer Gel over dip powder?

Yes, you may use the Nail Transfer Gel over any medium. Just make sure that it's been dried.

What is the difference between the Nail Foil, Glass Paper, Glittered Gel Polish?

Some gel polishes like 24 Carat have smaller foil-like designs infused in the gel, they're larger than glitters but smaller than Nail Foils. Nail foils are snipped to different shapes like Glass paper. However, they differ in style. Nail foils come in sheets and appear foil-like, while the glass paper comes in bundles strips and appears glassy or mirror-like.

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Sep 17, 2023

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