Nail Training Hand

A Nail Training Hand sure handy when you want to get a feel for your style or just practice. We all know that nail art is serious business when people put their trust in your hands. Whether you're a manicure veteran or a total beginner, people trust you. A nail training hand is the go-to companion whenever you want to practice, improve, or just express your glam designs. Simply pop and place new nails every time your mind sparks an idea.

The real test of a handy companion is reliability. Our Nail Training Hand is made from high-quality materials. It's built strong, sturdy, and proportional, with adjustable joints and pieces, making it easy to work with. What are you waiting for? Let's nail it hand-in-hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply the refill tips to my Nail Training Hand?
  1. Take out the refill nail tips from the bag.
  2. Gently push in the nail tip on the slot on the training hand, until the tip is securely in place.
  3. Repeat for each finger.
Do I need to place separate nail tips over the refillable Nail Training Hand Tips or do I use it on its own?

You may place separate nail tips over your refillable tips or use it on its own. However, we recommend placing the Nail Tips over the Nail Training Hand Tips to prevent gluing the Nail Training Hand itself.

Do I need to prep my nails before applying the nail polish, acrylic, or dip?

To achieve a natural feel, We highly recommend using the training hand like actual hands. You may prep your nails by applying pH Bonder, Ultimate Bond Primer, and Base Coat, place your desired medium, then cure. You may also apply your favorite No Cleanse Top Coat, then cure.
Curing Time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), UV (2 minutes) depending on lamp wattage.

How do I remove the Nail Training Hand Tips?
  1. Push the nail tip downward towards the ends of the fingers.
  2. Gently push off the nail tip from underneath until it becomes loose.
  3. Repeat for each finger.
How do I prevent the Nail Training Hand Tips from popping off on its own?

Our nail training hand and nail training hand tips are engineered to be secure to avoid the possibility for the tips to pop off on their own. If you're having trouble: Make sure that you push the tips gently but firmly until the locking mechanism of the nail tip is securely in the slot of the finger. Over-pressing the Nail Training Hand Tips may also cause them to pop off.

Can I reorder Nail Training Hand Tips?

Yes, you may. iGel Beauty offers 100 Pieces Refill Tips for Nail Training Hand.

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Sep 17, 2023

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