Nail Tip Glue - Super Adhesive

Nail Tip Glue is a strong adhesive you may use to paste your Standard Tips such as the Universal Stiletto Nail Tips, or Press-On Nails (pre-designed nails). Nail Tips may come in different shapes and sizes! You may choose from stiletto, square, oval and so much more! If you would like to check which nail shape would suit you the most, here are 8 Popular Nail Shapes & How to Achieve Them.

How to Apply Nail Tip Glue
  • Preparation. Before applying the glue, gently push back your cuticles, make sure that your nails are well-dehydrated and buffed. To achieve optimal dehydration, you may use the pH Bonder then the Ultra Bond Primer. (Need more details? We've got the article just for you: How to Prep your Nails Like a Pro.)
  • Application. You may now apply an even layer of Nail Tip Glue on the concave side of your Tips or Press-On Nails, as well as your own nail. (Pro Tip! Do not apply too much glue, as this might run down the sides of your nail. Add just the right amount.)
  • Attachment. Press the Tip or Press-On Nail and wait a few seconds for it to set. Voila! You nailed it!
How to Remove Nail Tip Glue

To begin, place acetone in a small bowl and directly soak your nails inside for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, remove your Tips or Press-On nails by gently wiggling them out in a side-to-side motion. If they are still difficult to remove, do not pull them off! Resoak them again, then when they are ready you may try wiggling them off again. (Pro Tip! If you had used gems or charms that may be damaged by the acetone, you may want to take a cotton bud or q-tip with acetone to safely remove them first.)

Afterward, use Nourish Oil to gently remove the excess glue on your natural nails. Then, lightly buff the remains with a light buffer, while avoiding your natural nail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Nail Tip Glue last?

It depends on how quickly your nails will grow. You may keep your nail tips on for as long as two weeks. However, if they are lifting or coming out of your nail bed, do not pull them off. Pulling may cause cracking and chipping, because the strong adhesion may pull your nails with it.

How do I preserve my nail glue?

You may opt to preserve your glue in a small refrigerator. Remember to properly label the glue and keep it away from small children.

What causes a gummy glue consistency? How do I restore it to normal?

A gummy texture is often caused by temperature. When stored in a cool place, the consistency of the glue becomes thicker. To resolve this, bring the bottle back to room temperature and shake the bottle. To bring it back to room temperature, you may (1) place the glue in warm water for two minutes, then shake the bottle, or (2) cup the bottle in your hands, and cause friction by rolling it around for 5 minutes. Afterward, shake the bottle, check the consistency, and repeat if necessary.

What is the difference between the Nail Glue - Super Adhesive and the Pro Gel Base?

The Pro Gel Base was created specifically for the Pro Gel Tips which come in four different sizes and lengths: the Medium StilettoMedium SquareMedium Coffin, and Long Coffin.

What if only the nozzle was clogged with dry glue?

If only the nozzle is clogged with dried glue, try cutting it back with scissors or pushing a pin or nail into the tip of the bottle. If the glue has thickened in the bottle itself, you might be able to soften it by letting the closed glue bottle sit in some hot water for a few minutes. Gels/Glues should always be stored out of the direct sunlight to avoid drying. Warming the liquids before use and shaking them as needed will assist with reactivating the ingredients before use.

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Jun 22, 2023

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