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Looking for an easier way to apply your favorite Chrome Pigment? Well, it just got portable with our Chrome Pen! Say goodbye to spillage and overapplication with this travel-sized wand. It comes with a built-in brush for precision and accuracy, allowing you to safely apply the product over your fingernails with optimal ease. It's great for an even, uniform application that you can simply build up. Simply apply your base color of choice and Chrome Base, then twist open the cap and place your pigment steady and ready over your nails.

We at iGel Beauty advocate the use of affordable, high-quality pigments for all! Because everyone deserves to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Chrome Powder Pen?

1. Apply the base color with the use of any preferred gel color. We highly recommend our iGel Match - 002 Jet Black or Dip & Dap Duo - DD073 At Midnight color for an extreme contrast! After applying the base color, cure it under a lamp.
Curing Time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), UV (2 minutes) depending on lamp wattage.
2. Apply a layer of our iGel Chrome Base. Alternatively you may use our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat. Afterward, flash cure for 10 seconds under an LED lamp (70 watts) or for 30 seconds under UV (36 watts).
3. Apply a thin layer of the desired pigment using our silicone brush onto the nail surface. If you would like a more pigmented effect, build it up by adding multiple thin layers.
4. You may also use a Dust Brushes to dust away excess pigments on the nail if desired.
5. Seal the nail, including the tip of the nail with our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat. Afterward, cure it under your UV/LED lamp.
6. For long-lasting nails, apply a second layer of coating of iGel No Cleanse Top Coat. Afterward, cure it under your UV/LED lamp.

Pro Tip! Shake well before each use, and use enough product to saturate the brush before applying.

Do I need to clean the pens after use?

As long as no other medium contaminates or disrupts the pigment flow, it wouldn't be necessary to clean it. However, if other pigments, powders, or glitters were accidentally dapped onto your pen, you could lightly tap it off or use a dust brush to gently remove the pigment.

How do I know when my Chrome Powder Pen is empty?

Lightly shake and press the pen to check if pigment remains. However, you may also start by checking if any medium like gel or lacquer is clogging your sponge.

What is better, the chrome powder pen or the regular chrome pigment?

It definitely depends on your preference. Our Chrome Powder Pen is highly convenient for those in a hurry. Just dap and go! A convenient application. No spills, just pigmented fills. On the other hand, our Chrome Pigment in a jar is great for those who are looking into amount more than easy application, and of course for the love of jar aesthetic which is highly recommended for store display.

How much pigment is there in the pen in comparison to the jar?

Our Chrome Powder Pen contains 0.5g, while the Regular Chrome Pigment contains 1g. However, how quickly the powder finishes also depends on the thickness of the application and nail length. Since the pen application is more controlled than the jar application, they may finish around the same time.

What type of Chrome Powder Pens are available? What is the difference between the pigments?

There is the Mirror Chrome, the Aurora Chrome, and the Holo Chrome pigment. When used with a solid base color, the Mirror Chrome mimics light, while the Aurora Chrome mimics the aurora borealis (northern lights), and the Holo Chrome pigment mimics a dimensional effect.

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Sep 15, 2023

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