What payment methods do you accept?


The final step to placing your order with us is by checking out and paying for it! To settle your balance, you may check the following payment methods we have.

- Visa
- Mastercard
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay
- Afterpay

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do you accept split payments?

Unfortunately, we currently don't offer split payments. The only exception is if you have an iGel Beauty gift card that you would like to use for your order and pay the existing balance with your card. You may, however, place two separate orders and pay for them with the card(s) of your choice. If you do have an existing order with iGel Beauty that is still being processed, you can be invoiced separately for any items you would like us to add on the backend, and then this is when you can use a different card to pay for the additional items.

  • Why is my payment unsuccessful, but it was deducted to my account?

We would advise giving it five business days for the payment to reflect on our system as successful. This is a rare case on our end and as such we would like to ask if you can provide us with the following information below

Payment Method
Date Paid
Total Amount deducted from your account
Screenshot of the payment taken from your account, showing it was charged from iGel Beauty

We would also like to encourage that you check in with your local bank in case they have released a statement regarding their process that may affect such payments.
  • Can I change my payment method for an order I already placed? I accidentally used a wrong card.

Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to change your mode of payment, as the system is unable to process this. Fret not! If you would still like to use a different payment method, we may cancel the one you initially placed and duplicate the order for you again. We will then send you the new invoice, so you can pay with your preferred payment method.

  • Do you guys offer interest free payment in Canada? Afterpay doesn’t work in Canada.

We are currently looking into interest-free payment methods for our community in Canada!

  • Do you accept installments within US?

We are happy to announce that iGel Beauty is now an affiliated partner of Afterpay. Afterpay allows you to pay for your purchases in 4-interest free payments in 6 weeks (one payment every 2 weeks). To know more about Afterpay, kindly click on the related link attached below.

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