UV Sterilization Box

A UV sterilization box is a disinfecting chamber for just about anything you can fit inside like your drill bits, french nails cutter, phone, and keys! Think outside the box. You may now safely sterilize your dailies with affordable Ultra Violet Technology, charge and sanitize your phone with the 10W Wireless Charging feature with 360 Degrees circulation sterilizes without dead angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the UV Sterilization box?
  1. Plug in your device into the nearest socket or power bank. The button will light up and signify that your sterilization box is nearly plugged.
  2. To begin the sterilization process, place your item inside and close the box. Then, click on the blue button to switch it green.
  3. After 5 minutes, a small beep will notify you that your device is fully sterilized.
What could cause damage to my UV sterilization box?

Physical damage such as dropping your box, using the wrong charger, or soaking it in liquid, especially acetone! To clean your UV sterilization box from inks or dust smudges, use alcohol or a disinfection spray on a cloth.

Note: Acetone can dent your box! When placing items inside, make sure that your item is properly dried.

How long does it take to sterilize?

Generally, it takes 5 minutes! The UV sterilization box will sterilize the surface of anything that you place inside.

Are there any additional items I need for the sterilization process?

This box is the whole package! Its ultraviolet light is all you need to rid of 99.99% of Germs. However, if you would like to use the scented diffuser, you may opt to add essential oils. The UV sterilization device comes with two pipettes that you could use to drop the essential oils for that spa-like aromatherapeutic scent. Simply insert it into the two holes located near the center of the box!

How do you use the UV sterilization box for essential oils?

Using a pipette (dropper), place 2-3 drops in the tiny slot/hole located inside your UV sterilization box.

Pro Tip! For less of a mess, drop your scent directly at either of the two holes located near the center of the box. Since oils may leave a thick residue behind, wipe the area with a clean cloth after each use, especially if residue is evident.


Keep the box closed. The aromatherapeutic scent is meant to circulate as the box is closed, as it is meant to freshen the scent of your sanitized item inside the box. The box will not function unless the box is closed. So, you can continue to use that feature but you would have to keep pressing the button every 5 minutes when the disinfection has completed.

Do large phones fit inside the sterilization box?

Yes, they do. Try the largest phone (around seven inches), and it will fit just fine. If wireless charging is available, it could charge it inside too!

Is this guaranteed safe and effective?

Yes, the sterilization box was approved by a microbiology lab in the United States!

Does it make noise?

During sterilization, the UV Sterilization box is silent. However, you will be notified with a cute little beeping sound when sterilization is finished.

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