Nail Art Assorted Designs

We love all sorts of Nail Art Assorted Designs! To showcase variety, iGel Beauty presents over 100+ assorted designs (flakes, gems, and pigments) in sets of six (6) and twelve (12).

Try something unique and new! Choose from our collection and be uniquely you. Each design is assorted to encourage thinking outside the box! You may apply the powder, encapsulate the pigments or flakes, or glue the gems.

Types of Nail Assorted Designs:

  1. Nail Art Assorted Designs (6 pcs)
  2. Nail Art Assorted Designs (12 pcs)
  3. Nail Art Assorted Designs (Butterfly)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply my Nail Art Assorted Designs?

Since our assorted designs come in powders, flakes, or gems, it would depend on which assorted design you are using.

Our pigments are overlayed on your chosen medium (e.g. gel polish, acrylic, etc.), then encapsulated by your favorite Top Coat. Kindly note that our pigments are different from our dip powders. Moreover, those pigments with very fine glitters are great for "sugaring." Sugaring refers to a "pour over" method where it gives a textured grainy look to the nail.

Simply encapsulate the Flakes between your Base Coat and Top Coat. However, if you're using flakes infused in another medium such as gel polish or builder gel, we highly recommend using them based on their specific medium.

Apply your preferred medium, cure, then attach the gems with Nail Tip Glue Super Adhesive.

You may apply Foil Gel, Gel base or Gel Top Coat, place them over your nails, then encapsulate your desired look with No Cleanse Top Coat.

How do I remove Nail Art Assorted Designs?

You may remove it like regular gel by soaking it into acetone or wrapping it in foil with acetone.

  1. Trim off any extra nail length with a nail cutter.

  2. Buff off the shiny top layer, and avoid buffing your natural nail bed.

  3. You may remove your blossom gel along with the medium underneath by soaking your nails in acetone. You may opt to use the Foil Method or the regular Soak Off Method.
    • Foil Method
    Thoroughly soak a cotton ball in acetone. Afterward, place it over your nail and tightly wrap your nail in aluminum foil. Do this for each finger and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Lastly, remove the foil, and gently rub the cotton ball along with the foil on your nails.
    • Soak Off Method
    Pour acetone into a small bowl and soak your nails inside for 15 to 20 minutes. If excess polish remains, soak it in for another 5 minutes.

  4. Lightly buff the surface of your nails. Afterward, shape your nails with a nail file and create your desired shape. Then, nourish your nails with Nourish Oil.

Are the Nail Art Assorted Design Gems reusable?

If you plan to retouch your nails and use the same gems, you may! Before soaking your nails in acetone, simply take a wooden cuticle pusher, wrap it with cotton and acetone, then push the gem off. If the gem is still its pretty sparkly self, you may re-place it on your retouched nails.

For Nail Art Assorted Designs (6 pieces) or Nail Art Assorted Designs (12 pieces), how many are inside?

For Nails Art Assorted Designs (6 pcs), there are 6 slots and six (6) different variations with multiple pieces per slot. For the Nail Assorted Designs (12 pcs), there are twelve (12) slots and twelve (12) different variations with multiple pieces per slot.

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