French Nail Cutter Tool

A French Nail Cutter Tool is a nail shaping tool you may use to create a clean-cut smile line. It comes in two shapes: oval and v, on which you may overlay any shape of your preference. Whether you choose a square, coffin, oval, or any other shape, you may use the French Nail Cutter Tool for an easy smile line.

  1. Oval French Nails Cutter Show off your curves with this cutter. It creates an elegant oval shape at the tip of your nails.
  2. V French Nails Cutter A sharp-edged tip for optimum fierceness! This sharp shape screams femme fatale, strong, and beautiful.

Effortlessly get that perfect smile with our French nail Cutter. Simply hover the cutter by the smile line, and sweep off your chosen medium!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a French nail Cutter Tool?
  1. Product Application. Place the medium of your choice near the area you would like to cut.
  2. Setting. Take the French Nail Cutter Tool, and hover it over the nail you plan to shape. Use this to decide and estimate how long you want it for. (Pro Tip: Wait a few seconds to let it get to a texture that is in between liquid and solid to get a cleaner cut!)
  3. Cutting. Carefully place the French Nail Cutter tool over the medium, and onto your nail bed. Then, sweep it off in a gliding motion to the free edge. (Pro Tip! You may place or prime the French Nails Cutter Tool with a bit of powder, whichever power you used (if acrylic) or DP01 Clear (if gel polish was used), for a more stable and dry cut.)
  4. Cleaning. Using the blunt end of the French Nail Cutter Tool, carefully sweep the excess medium off. You may also use a light buffer to gently remove the remaining residue from the nail.
How do I clean a French Nail Cutter Tool?
  1. Wipe off the remaining debris after swiping it off the nail.
  2. To disinfect your tool, you may place alcohol on a cotton ball and quickly swipe it. Make sure to dry the tool after every use to avoid corrosion.
How often should I disinfect my French nail Cutter Tool?

If you will be using the French Nail Cutter Tool on different clients, it's best to disinfect it before moving on to another person.

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Sep 15, 2023

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