Builder Gel

Builder Gel in a Bottle is a hybrid of acrylic and builder/hard gel that's great for foundational use.  When your nails are weak and thin, it may also help you gain a thicker layer that still gives it a natural look.  It can be used as an overlay for foundational purposes or as an extender to give your natural nails more length. It includes a primer and base all-in-one so there's no need for any extra products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Builder Gel?
  1. Prep your nails.
  2. Apply Builder Gel: this can be applied to your natural nails, nail tips, or nail forms.
  3. Cure with your lamp. Repeat as necessary. We recommend applying 2-3 thin layers to buildup thickness and optimal curing.
  4. File your nail and brush it off with a dust brush.
  5. Apply a Top Coat to finish off your look.
How do I remove Builder Gel?
  1. Buff off the shiny layer and remove the bulk of your Builder Gel carefully.
  2. Soak your nails in acetone for 5-20 minutes (depending on how thick the remaining
  3. Scrape off the builder gel once it's soft enough.  If it won't come off, re-soak them for another 5 minutes.
My builder gel won't cure!

There are two reasons why your builder gel may not be curing.

  1. The Builder Gel is being applied too thickly.  We recommend builder gel in a bottle to be applied using 2-3 thin layers. If the builder gel is applied too thickly, it will be very goopy and won't cure.  If it does manage to cure, it will most likely break in a few days (commonly in the center) as the foundation isn't strong and consistent.

  2. Lamp and Cure Time.  Some builder gels cure in 30 seconds and some take 90 seconds using a LED light.  The cure time may vary - clear and sheer colors may have less of a cure time than colorful opaque ones.  Again, we recommend applying Builder Gel in 2-3 thin layers to prevent issues with curing.

How do I create an apex?

If your nail doesn't naturally already have a curve, the apex can be built by putting a heavier layer in the center (this is typically your 2nd layer) then buffing it down.

Is it normal that my builder gel feels tacky?

Yes this is completely normal that some builder gel's finish tacky.  The tacky layer is often confused with not being fully dried - you can test whether it's fully dried by tapping your finger on the nail and listening for a "click-click" sound.  We recommend using a 90% alcohol solution for wiping, or as a slip solution for items such as our sculpture gel's.

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Apr 17, 2024

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