Loyalty Points and Rewards

Loyalty Points and Rewards

Users who have accounts with us can earn points by doing various tasks presented on our site. These points can be used to redeem a series of rewards offered on our site upon checking out.

Tier levels

User accounts can reach different tier levels depending on their status. These represent the amount of points the customer can get per $1.00. The higher the tier, the more points they earn.
Refer to the tier list below for more details:

Tier 1: Inspired Beauty
5 points per $1
Gained upon creating an account

Tier 2: Obsessed Beauty
7 points per $1
Gained after spending $750

Tier 3: VIP Beauty
10 points per $1
Gained after purchasing the VIP membership


Q: How can I earn loyalty points?
A: There are various ways to earn loyalty points. Creating an account with us already grants 250 points to the user. Navigating to the Rewards tab and clicking “My Rewards” on our site will present a user with all of our methods to earn loyalty points.

You may also check it out at the link below:

Q: What can I redeem with loyalty points?
A: Customers are able to exchange their loyalty points for a series of rewards. VIP: Skip-the-line passes and $5 vouchers can be procured for 500 points each, while our $10 vouchers go for 1000 points.

Q: Where do I find the points redemption slider?
A: Clicking on Checkout after adding all the products you wish to procure will direct you to a new page where the slider for redeeming points can be found just above the Gift / Discount Code text box.

Q: How long does it take for the points to reflect after leaving a product review?
A: It will take up to 7 days to receive points after leaving a product review.

Q: Can I combine loyalty point rewards with a discount code?
A: Unfortunately, loyalty point rewards and discount codes are unable to stack on top of each other. Customers will have to select one or the other when placing their order. (Note: The only code you can combine with a discount is a gift card code that was either purchased or issued by us)

Q: Help! I placed an order under a guest account. Can I transfer it to my primary account?
A: Though we are not able to transfer the order to your primary account, we can definitely transfer the points over. Feel free to reach out to us at cs@igelbeauty.com and provide us your order number as well as the email address linked to your primary account.

Q: Why do my points say it’s still pending?
A: Pending points can take up to 10 business days to be approved and applied to the account.

Q: I'm using my phone, and I can't find the slider bar option. What do I do?
A: The process is simple and almost the same when using your computer! Make sure to log in to your account, add the items you want to add to your cart, click on checkout and then click on “show order summary." Once clicked, a drop-down menu will show, and you may choose the amount you wish to use!

Q: I left several reviews but only received 50 points. Where are the rest of my points?
A: Our system will only give points once a week for every product review. Even with plenty of product reviews, you'll only be able to receive 50 points in total.

Q: Can I use other codes along with an ongoing sale/marked-down items on the site?
A: Yes! There are other discounts you may take advantage of during an ongoing sale on the site.

The following are allowed:

  • Marked down items and LL codes
  • Marked down items and LL codes with VIP pass reward
  • Marked down items and active 60% off in one order (60% off code will only apply to regular priced items that you have included in your cart)
  • Marked down items and active 60% off/LL codes and slider option in one order (additional discounts will only apply to regular priced items that you have included in your cart)

The following are not allowed:

  • Marked down items and slider option
  • LL codes and 60% discount code i.e. BEAUTY60

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